S.E. Hinton on Supernatural

 CW Supernatural: Slash Fiction

S.E. Hinton did a Supernatural episode! It's her and I think fans of "The Outsiders", "That Was Then...This Is Now", "Tex" and "Rumble Fish" are reveling in actress S.E. Hinton. She played one of the many victims of LeviDean and LeviSam.

Susan is not in unfamiliar territory. I remember her in a brief scene in "Tex" opposite Matt Dillon and even then, I paused, pressed rewind on the VCR, and watched the scene again.

In "After School Special" Supernatural highlighted "The Outsiders" while Sam relived his favorite high school moments. Unfortunately for Sam, he lives in a world of monsters, demons, and angels. How can Sam stay innocent and gold, when as a child he was tainted and deemed the worthy vessel of Lucifer?