Dean Winchester in Season 7

An on going blog about season 7's Dean Winchester, its just rambling and mistakes will be made....

CW/Supernatural: Dean Winchester

I shall start this particular part of the blog with Jensen Ackles is the center of Supernatural. Sam and Dean Winchester dominate the story plot with Sam in the lead with major battles with demon blood, the YED, Ruby, and Lucifer. But at the heart of the show is an actor who maintains his integrity despite any sudden changes to the script or format of the show. Jensen Ackles and his talent to develop his character and his willingness to work as a team player, elevates the show to a higher level, more deserving than its CW status. The CW is a strong network that usually houses such shows as 90210, Gossip Girl, Smallville, and Dawson's Creek. If that is what you crave, the CW has it.

Jensen Ackles has helped create an icon with Dean Winchester. I've acknowledged Ackles' work in Supernatural as acting which has transcended technique. I think this is the center of the controversy. For me, Jensen Ackles is one of the only actors on SPN who strikes a chord within me. He somehow forges SPN in a warped reality for me that shouldn't exist. Supernatural is considered a fantasy show with monsters, demons, and angels. The other actors are fine in their roles, but somehow Dean Winchester seems true to some form of reality. I laugh when he laughs, even when I don't always find Dean humorous. His sadness can be torture to watch because of how the actor can portray misery. Jensen's acting, more so than others on the show, reaches out and confronts me with my issues, my own demons.

I'm also not saying anything negative about the other actors on the show. Jared Padalecki is reaching new heights with season seven, Jim Beaver is such a pleasure to watch and season seven is looking great for Bobby in the love department. Misha Collins broke through a barrier with his acting in season six, not that that barrier was bad, it was really good, now Misha is amazing.

Let's take a look, shall we, into season seven and Dean Winchester.

I'm going to tackle the most talked about scene in season seven, killing Amy. The character was portrayed by the beloved Jewel Staite who has a following in her own right, first from Firefly and then from Stargate: Atlantis. I knew about the casting ahead of time and I was excited from the jump. I also had a sneaking suspicion that she would die in the episode because, well, she was playing the MOTW. That's "monster of the week".

The back story was rather cute. Told through flashbacks and directed beautifully by Jensen Ackles, fans learn about Amy, a girl monster whom Sam saved from bullies. The kids, Sam and Amy have an adorable heart to heart, complete with a first kiss, but to my dismay we learn that John was indeed an alcoholic. I always thought that Sam was joking in the Pilot. Colin Ford impresses once again as Sam Winchester.

In the attempt to save Sam and herself from her mother, Amy kills her mother. It's an act that will resonate with Sam so much that Sam spares her life when they meet up again as adults.

Dean on the other hand sees something Sam does not. Dean sees a female Kitsune who has killed and will kill again. The argument that some have with this is that Cute and Adorable Little Amy was only doing this to help her son. I've even seen some fans call her Kaylee, sorry fans, wrong show. I thought Jewel Staite fans would be ecstatic to see her portray a different kind of character, I sure had fun watching her character manipulate Sam and play a Kitsune. Yes, Amy manipulated Sam. Watch the scenes again. Amy meets up with Sam in the woods (because initially Sam hunts her down himself), she seems harmless and sweet. Sam finds her home and sweet Amy stands there caught in the act of a fresh kill and calling her self a person. At this point in the story, she had managed to kill again, despite knowing that Sam was scrutinizing her actions. Manipulated much Sammy? Poor Sam. Amy is what she is despite the very adorable act. LeviSam had a brother whom he "ate". Apparently monsters have family too and it seems to make them more efficient killers.

Some fans diligently bring up Lenore from when? Season two. Lenore eventually killed again, sure it was because the Mother of All had risen. But in the end even Lenore realized that she was a monster who needed to die. The Dean Winchester we see today is unfortunately not the same person. The Dean we see today is post hell Dean. The Dean who dealt with Amy is a Dean who made a deal with Death to retrieve Sam's soul from the pit. This Dean made a horrific decision about what to do with SoulLessSam, but Death saved the day. This particular Dean had to let go of two people he considers his family, Lisa and Ben. Oh, let's not forget the Dean who tortured demons to find out the location of Lisa and Ben in "Let It Beed". We aren't talking about the same hunter of season two who wore Daddy's leather jacket and still had hope for the future. We are also looking at a man who is grieving over the loss of Castiel.

Some fans thought Dean should have told Sam the truth. It wasn't about Amy or killing a mommy monster. It was lying to Sam. Dean had to lie at the time. Placating an hallucinating brother must be weighing heavily upon Dean. I can't blame Dean for lying to someone who might not be able to handle reality.

Sam is still hanging out with Lucifer in his head. LeviSam said so. I thought so too in "The Girl Next Door". Just because Sam seems focused, that doesn't mean he is and I often wonder if the over the top sepia tones were used to accent the possibility that Sam isn't remembering everything perfectly.

During the scene where Sam pleaded Amy's case, take a very close look at Dean Winchester's face. Dean is looking at a brother who is hallucinating. Jensen Ackles makes that very clear. While Sam is moving side to side, Dean is staring straight into his brother's face and seeing something else.

This is where the scenario gets tricky. The fandom seemed to have exploded. Dean hate was raging from "Dean killed a mother!" to "Dean should have killed the child Kitsune as well!!". It also seemed like both sides banded together to shout and scream at Dean Winchester. I'm amused.  Truly. Yes that's sarcasm.

Do I condone this lie to Sam? Well, I think Dean should have come clean himself, Sam shouldn't have had to hear it from a Levi, but Dean is being rather secretive lately about his feelings.

For me, this is what it boiled down to, am I ranting? I think I am. Dean's actions didn't bother me. Dean took down the MOTW. That's his job and he did it well. Dean gave the kid a chance and I can't wait to see what the writers are going to do.

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I also think that it's Jensen Ackles. Ackles somehow creates a profound and distinct feeling of reality. Dean's emotions seem brutally intense and not based on a fantasy television show. Unlike Mark Sheppard or Mark Pellegrino, whom I adore on the show, Jensen Ackles doesn't make me feel like I'm watching a show about monsters and demons and angels. I think it's part of what caused the fandom to react so strongly. Jensen Ackles drives Dean Winchester's emotions to a terrifying level of realism, so much that fans react on a similar level. Jensen Ackles' performance resonates in such a way when perhaps it shouldn't.

So when fans saw Dean cunningly hunt Amy down with silent and soft predatory skills, it was chilling. He spoke to her, apologized to her, and held her dying body. Dean then threaten her son in an interesting scene which makes me wonder considerably about Dean's future. The scene was brilliantly directed, the delivery, captivating.

Jensen Ackles did a wonderful job directing. I loved the cross cutting in the beginning during the hospital scene. I loved the scene when Dean cut through his cast. The mirror shots were fantastic. My problems were the sepia tones (which were added in post production) and the close camera shots to the face, especially with both Sams.

For the first time in a while, Supernatural didn't deal with a topic with a soap opera flair, and somehow fans still complained.